Doctor of Education in Christian Counseling

Mission and Vision

The AGST Ed.D in Christian Counseling

The Narramore Christian Foundation underwrites and makes possible a counseling doctorate in South-East Asia, an area of the world, which has long been underserved by mental health practitioners and especially those who view emotional disorders from a Christian perspective.

Our mission in light of the Asian Context is to provide psychological understanding, training and theological integration which contains the following competencies:

  • Clinical: Skilled, competent and compassionate practitioners of counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Instructional: To create well-informed instructors and teachers, who can articulate the psycho-spiritual principles of Christian emotional health and wholeness to churches and academic setting.
  • Research: Christian counselors who can contribute original research and written resources to the field.
  • Integration: Christian counselors who will be able to personally integrate the qualities of Christ-like character and psychosocial maturity, in their endeavor to integrate biblical theological truths, with the principles of true psychological research and knowledge.

As the only Christian doctoral program in the Southeast Asian context, we rejoice to see our graduates use their knowledge and deep understanding of psychotherapy to minister to suffering and broken people, many of whom live in the third world circumstances.

The AGST Ed.D in Christian Counseling program is:

  • Designed for adult learners with life and ministry experiences.
  • Focused on the Asian context.
  • Evangelical in its theological perspective.
  • Integrative in its psychological orientation, sociological and theological perspectives
  • Clinical and skills-focused.
  • Responsive to the need for a contextualized and research-based approach to social sciences.

Program Emphases

The AGST Doctor of Education in Christian Counseling Program is designed to meet the need of the church and society for Christian counseling practitioners and educators.


3-Unit Courses

  • Philosophical, Psychological, and Sociological Foundations (Integration of Theology & Psychology)
  • Psychodynamic Therapy & Supervision I, II, III
  • Curriculum Design
  • Lifespan Development
  • Personality Disorders
  • Psychometric Testing and Assessment (4-units)
  • Emotion Focused Couple Therapy
  • Child & Adolescent Trauma Counseling

2-Unit Courses

  • Integrative Therapy
  • Spiritual Resources in Counseling
  • Community Counseling
  • Sexual Trauma & Addiction
  • Neurobiology & PsychoPharmacology
  • Group Counseling
  • Homosexuality
  • Object Relations Couple Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Group Therapy (1 unit)

Advance Graduate Certificate (AGC) – complete 30 units, no comprehensive exam & no dissertation.

Comprehensive Examination a series of written exams to assess students’ competency in the issues and literature of Christian counseling.

Dissertation Sequence (15 units)

  • Applied Qualitative Research (2units)
  • Applied Quantitative Research (2units)
  • Advance Counseling Research Methods (2units)
  • Dissertation (9units)

The dissertation is the culmination of the student’s studies. It involves original research relevant to the student’s area of interest. It must demonstrate scholarly theological reflection, thoughtful contextual analysis and social science research methodology.

Internship minimum 400 hours.

Supervision in class or by Skype  min 60hours.

Personal Therapy minimum 40 hours. The program will assign therapist for each student.

Financial Information

(subject to change)

Application fee (non-refundable)   $ 50.00

Psychological evaluation tests        $ 50.00

Registration fee (per semester)       $ 50.00

Tuition fee (per unit)                        $ 75.00

Library fee (per semester)               $ 30.00

Administration Fee (per sem.)       $ 60.00

Dissertation fee                                  $ 800.00

Residency fee (per semester)         $ 50.00

Comprehensive Exam Fee              $ 50.00

Graduation fee                                 $ 35.00


Total program cost including tuition and other fees is $6,550. Books and other expenses are not included. Fees may be paid in either Philippine pesos or US dollars.  Students are encouraged to find sponsors to cover program costs and living expenses. Scholarship based on financial need is available to eligible


William Kirwan, DMin, PhD
Bruce Narramore, PhD
Theresa Lua, EdD
Rosa Shao, PhD
Annabel Manalo, PhD
Clark Campbell, PhD
Anthony Penaso, PhD
Mitchell Whitman, PhD
Alexa Abrenica, PhD
Nancy Rayos, EdD
Francis Thaise Cimene, PhD
Keith Edwards, PhD
Timothy Friesen, Psy.D
Irene Alexander, PhD
Clifford & Joyce Penner, PhD
Timothy Hibma, MSW
Mila Chu, MD, MA

Admission Requirements

  • Master’s degree from an accredited institution with at least 15 units of counseling, 12 units in biblical/ theological studies, 6 units of coursework in research methods and statistics.
  • Submit official Transcript of Record.
  • TOEFL score of 550 if English was not the medium of previous education.
  • Four Character references
  • A Personal Essay and a Brief Description of My Calling.
  • Application fee of $50.


For further details send email to:

Libertine Lee, Ed.D (candidate)
Executive Asst. to the Program Director
Mobile +639228407910

Information about AGST and other program please contact:

Dr. Azriel Azarcon

Mailing Address
54 Scout Madrinan Street
South Triangle, Quezon City 1103
Telefax: (632) 4100312


Accredited by:
Asia Theological Association (ATA)

Recognized by:
Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Philippines