Journal of Asian Mission (JAM)

JAM is the official journal of AGST. The Journal of Asian Mission seeks to provide a forum to assess theories and practices of mission applied in the past or proposed for the future, and so encourage reflective thinking among Christian leaders training Asians for the missionary task and those working toward the evangelization of Asia.

The subscription rates are as follows, depending on the location of your school. Note that two issues of the JAM are normally produced each year:

2 Issues
(1 year)
4 Issues
(2 years)
6 Issues
(3 years)

P 400.00

P 750.00

P 900.00

Asian Countries

U.S. $25.00

U.S. $40.00

U.S. $50.00

Others (including Australia and New Zealand)

U.S. $30.00

U.S. $50.00

U.S. $70.00

Editor: Dr. Anne Harper

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Telefax: (632) 410 0312

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